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Modern Web Scraping and Data Analysis Tools to Discover Historic Real Estate Development Opportunities

Mar 02, 2023 Berry, Nile Thesis

Application of the Fama-French Model to Singapore REITs

Jan 26, 2023 He, Fan, Neo, Kok Tong Thesis

Modern Portfolio Theory Applied to Institutional Real Estate Investment

Jan 19, 2023 Gastelú Bárcena, Emilio Thesis

The Interconnection between Net-Zero Building Code and Rental Housing Affordability in Massachusetts

Jan 19, 2023 Tiwari, Himanshu Thesis

The Environment and Real Estate: How Boston Developers Are Responding to an Evolving Landscape

Jan 19, 2023 Land, Carson Christopher Thesis

Chrono urbanism and its relationship with the hybrid working culture: Real Estate opportunities and perspectives from NYC

Jan 19, 2023 Rodriguez Escalante, Luis Raul Thesis

Sea Level Rise and Commercial Office Markets in Southeast Florida

Jan 19, 2023 Salvatori, Katherine G. Thesis

Building an urban life sciences district in Midtown Cleveland: An opportunistic development proposal that requires private and public collaboration

Jan 19, 2023 Vaughn, Zachary T. Thesis

Affordable Housing Production in the Metropolis: Potential Options and Implications of Successors to New York City’s 421-a Tax Exemption

Jan 19, 2023 Katz, Ashley Thesis

The Holistic Technology Impact Model

Jan 19, 2023 Hanschke, Hans Thesis

Visual Communication of Key Concepts in Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment

Jan 19, 2023 Demirchelie, Elaheh Thesis

Thesis Topic: What makes a successful RV Park in the US

Jan 19, 2023 Zhao, Yue (Mia) Thesis

An Analysis of the Cost-Benefit of Sustainable Transformation

Jan 19, 2023 Menda, Mihir Manoj Thesis

Co-Working in Seoul: Integrating Public Infrastructure into the Metaverse

Aug 29, 2022 Ha, Ji Ye Thesis

The Institutionalization of the American Dream

Aug 29, 2022 Geoghegan, James G. Thesis

How Small Apartment Assets Outperform their Larger Counterparts: An Analysis of Investment Risk and Returns, Price Dynamics, and Leverage Points by Property Size

Aug 29, 2022 Nicolais, Teo P. Thesis

Data Driven Transit Oriented Development Planning: Using Montreal’s New Transit System as a Case Study

Aug 29, 2022 Owen, Jordan Thesis

Increasing Profits from Real Estate Leasing: Flexible Strategies based on Market Conditions

Jun 15, 2022 Raazi, Cassie Ann Thesis

Overcoming Obsolescence: A Roadmap for Redeveloping Massachusetts Gas Station Real Estate in a post-Gasoline World

Jun 15, 2022 Hansen, Derek J. Thesis

Developing a Mainland China REIT Return Index (2015-2020) through a Pure-Play Approach

Jan 14, 2022 Zuo, Kan Thesis

Real Estate Distress on College Campuses: Case Study on Liquidity through Public Private Partnerships and Portfolio Right-Sizing

Jan 14, 2022 Maroti, David Thesis

Identifying Real Estate Development Opportunities: Web-Scraping, Regex Patterns & String-Searching Algorithms

Jan 14, 2022 Williams, Oscar Thesis

A venture for art + development : examining the symbiosis relationship between China’s art market and real estate industries

Dec 17, 2021 Ni, Ruichen. Thesis

Measuring built environment technology awareness using time-series analysis

Oct 06, 2021 Wang, Yuehan, M.C.P. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thesis

Building healthy : a feasibility study of developing a “Healthy” office tower

May 24, 2021 Stratouly, Alexandra Hayes. Thesis