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Career Development

CRE offers a variety of career development resources to help MSRED students and alumnae/i who are pursuing careers both in academia and industry.

The following lists are touch-points for students to gain additional career development assistance while at the Center. Contact R. Kelly Cameron for additional information.


A full-time work assignment for current students during the summer term.


A short term, full-time work assignment for current students during the month January (IAP) each year.


A campus-based corporate presence for employment recruitment, info sharing and project presentations.


Scheduled professional events planned throughout the school year.

CRE Job Board

Available only to MSRED students as applicants and for employers to share job opportunities.

Real Estate Careers & Compensation Survey

Annual real estate careers and compensation survey results produced by CEL & Associates, Inc.

MSRED Resume Book

A shared resource and recruitment document used to advance the professional exposure of students matriculating through the degree program.

CRE Mentorship Program

Pairs incoming MSRED students with alums to further their professional development and understanding of the profession. A sample paired relationship can be found here featuring Dave Paladino ’00 and Charlie Hope ’19.

Real Estate Exchange (REEX) Jumpstart Program

A two-week residential learning program to expose the next generation of African American and Latino professionals to the world of commercial real estate development, created by the Real Estate Executive Council. Interested? Learn more at

Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD)

MIT Career Advising and Professional Development (CAPD) is MIT’s hub for career advising, distinguished fellowships advising, advising, and professional development support. They work across the Institute to connect students, postdocs, and alumni with resources and support that empower them to build a rewarding career that makes a difference in the world.

MIT Experiential Learning Office

Earn money or academic credit while you work on challenging and meaningful hands-on projects. Whether during the summer or the academic year, experiential learning opportunities (or ELOs, for short) connect you to important, real-world projects in MIT research labs, maker spaces, PK12 schools, start-ups, nonprofits, and global industries. Visit to learn more.

MIT Alumni Advisors Hub

MIT Alumni can offer valuable and insightful guidance on launching careers, next moves, or navigating career changes. Visit the HUB to learn more.


Kelly Cameron

R. Kelly Cameron, EdD

Career Development Officer

Career Development