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Online Courses

A critical pillar of our mission includes sharing the innovations in the real estate industry designed, researched, pioneered and applied at CRE. Online courses allow us to provide learning opportunities for professionals around the globe, and allow participants to further their knowledge and skill in an accelerated, convenient format.

CRE partners with GetSmarter to offer online courses designed to sharpen your ability to succeed in the rapidly-changing real estate world as part of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning’s (SA+P) on-line portfolio.

The courses, which feature MIT faculty and a diverse collection of academic and industry professionals, are offered multiple times during the year. Each courses develop competencies that draw upon ongoing research and practice at CRE and will enable you to have an immediate and lasting impact on your professional future.

You will earn an MIT SA+P certificate after completing a course.

Course Offerings

Timing: Online courses run for 6-8 weeks and are offered on rotation year-round.

Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment

17 July 2024

Identify opportunities for profitable investment in the commercial real estate sector.

Real Estate Development: Planning and Process

09 October 2024

Explore the complex public regulatory processes that underpin and control private real estate development.

Data Science and Real Estate

18 September 2024

Gain the analytical tools to utilize data for informed decision making in real estate.

Sustainable Real Estate: Analysis and Investment

24 July 2024

Gain an in-depth understanding of green building practices, technology’s role in sustainable real estate, and the growing significance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Real Estate Financial Analytics

23 October 2024

Learn how to leverage quantitative analytical techniques and financial modeling to inform real estate investment decisions and risk.

Online Courses