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Connecting Digitalization and Sustainability: Proptech in the Real Estate Operations and Management | Journal of Sustainable Real Estate

Apr 27, 2023 Zhengzhen Tan, Norm Miller Journal Paper

Quantifying the Impacts of Climate Shocks in Commercial Real Estate Market

Apr 06, 2023 Rogier Holtermans, Dongxiao Niu, Siqi Zheng White Paper

A Tale of Two Cities: National Mandates and Local Political Economies of Public Housing Provision in Shenzhen and Chongqing

Feb 28, 2023 Siqi Zheng, Colleen Chiu-Shee, Sarah Jeong Teaching Case

Intraday adaptation to extreme temperatures in outdoor activity | Nature…

Jan 10, 2023 Yichun Fan, Jianghao Wang, Nick Obradovich, Siqi Zheng Journal Paper

Assessing Proxies for Market Prices of Thinly Traded Assets with Scheduled Cash Flows

Dec 02, 2022 Wally Boudry, Crocker Herbert Liu, Tobias Muhlhofer, Walter N. Torous MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

The Digitalization of the Asian Real Estate Industry – Global Outlook and Progress

Oct 25, 2022 James Scott, Sherina Zhang, Ji Ye Ha, Juanita Halim, Akrisht Pandey, Taeyong Kim, Yue Zhao, Carson Christopher Land, Hans Hanschke White Paper

Towards a Zero-Emission and Resilient Real Estate Industry: Global Outlook and Asia’s Progress

Oct 24, 2022 Zhengzhen Tan, Siqi Zheng White Paper

How Can Governments Adapt to Meet Affordable Housing Needs After Disasters?

Oct 24, 2022 Anna Schuessler, Mark Brennan, Aditi Mehta, Justin Steil White Paper

Health Implications of Housing Programs: Evidence from a Population-Wide Weatherization Program

Oct 21, 2022 Steffen Künn, Juan Palacios MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Transboundary Wildfire Smoke and Expressed Sentiment: Evidence from Twitter

Oct 17, 2022 Rui Du, Ajkel Mino, Jianghao Wang, Siqi Zheng MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Expressways, Market Access, and Industrial Development in China: Using Panel Instrumental Variables of Minimum Spanning Tree

Oct 09, 2022 Kecen Jing, Wen-Chi Liao MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Confronting the Housing Challenge in Latin America Part I – Reflections on the Evolution of the Housing Market in Latin America: Realities and Dreams

Oct 08, 2022 Albert Saiz, Alberto Cuellar Ceron, Luis Rodríguez, Raquel Ganitsky White MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Subway Expansion, Jobs Accessibility and Home Value Appreciation in Four Global Cities: Considering Both Local and Network Effects | Journal of Transport…

Oct 06, 2022 Adriano Borges Costa, Camila Ramos, Siqi Zheng Journal Paper

Extreme Temperature, Adaptation Capacity, and Household Retail Consumption

Oct 06, 2022 Seunghoon Lee, Siqi Zheng MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

The Unintended Consequences of Post-Disaster Policies for Spatial Sorting

Oct 06, 2022 Marcel Henkel, Eunjee Kwon, Pierre Magontier MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Political manipulation of urban land markets: Evidence from China | Journal of Public Economics

Oct 01, 2022 J. Vernon Henderson, Dongling Su, Qinghua Zhang, Siqi Zheng Journal Paper

Physical Geography and Traffic Delays: Evidence from a Major Coastal City | Environment and Planning…

Jun 18, 2022 Albert Saiz, Luyao Wang Journal Paper

Measuring the Impact of Slow Zones on Street Life Using Social Media

Apr 04, 2022 Arianna Salazar Miranda, Cate Heine, Fábio Duarte, Katja Schechtner, Carlo Ratti MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Qualifying Land-Use Regulation and its Determinants

Mar 28, 2022 Simon Buechler, Maximilian von Ehrlich MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Climate Risk and Commercial Mortgage Delinquency

Mar 25, 2022 Rogier Holtermans, Matthew E. Kahn, Nils Kok MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

The Cost of Non-Coordination in Urban On-Demand Mobility | Nature Human Behaviour

Mar 18, 2022 Dániel Kondor, Iva Bojic, Giovanni Resta, Fábio Duarte, Paolo Santi, Carlo Ratti Journal Paper

Global evidence of expressed sentiment alterations during the COVID-19 pandemic | Nature Human Behaviour

Mar 17, 2022 Jianghao Wang, Yichun Fan, Juan Palacios, Yuchen Chai, Nicolas Guetta-Jeanrenaud, Nick Obradovich, Chenghu Zhou, Siqi Zheng Journal Paper

Clean air as an experience good in urban China | Ecological Economics

Feb 01, 2022 Matthew E. Kahn, Weizeng Sun, Siqi Zheng Journal Paper

In Harm’s Way? The Effect of Disasters on the Magnitude and Location of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Allocations | Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Feb 01, 2022 Mark Brennan, Aditi Mehta, Justin Steil Journal Paper

Demand for social interactions: Evidence from the restaurant industry during the COVID-19 pandemic | Journal of Regional Science

Jan 30, 2022 Binzhe Wang, Matias Williams, Fábio Duarte, Siqi Zheng Journal Paper
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