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Real Estate Technology Hub

2022 James Scott (lead) MIT Center for Real Estate

The Digitization of the Asian Real Estate Industry – Global Outlook and Progress

2022 James Scott (lead) Akrisht Pandey, Sherina Shan Ling Zhang, Hans Hanschke, Yue Zhao, Carson Land, Juan Mason, Taeyong Kim, Juanita Halim, Ji Ye Ha MIT Center for Real Estate

Digitalization for Sustainability: Proptech in the Real Estate Operations and Management

2022 Zhengzhen Tan (lead)

Towards a Zero-Emission and Resilient Real Estate Industry: Global Outlook and Asia’s Progress

2022 Zhengzhen Tan (lead)

Market Adoption of Healthy Buildings in the Office Sector: A Global Study from the Owner’s Perspective

2022 Zhengzhen Tan (lead) Juan Palacios, Siqi Zheng, Carl Hooks

Toward Urban Economic Vibrancy: Patterns and Practices in Asia’s New Cities

2022 Zhengzhen Tan (lead)

The Digitization of Asian Real Estate: How Technology is Expanding Across the Asian Real Estate Industry and Around the Globe

2022 Zhengzhen Tan (lead)

Circularity Practices in Real Estate: Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Circularity in Building Construction

2022 Fábio Duarte (lead) Randolph E. Kirchain, Siqi Zheng, Erez Yoeli

Impacts of Net Zero Energy Regulations on Affordability

2022 Siqi Zheng Justin Steil, Zhengzhen Tan

Climate Risk and Real Estate Markets: Uncovering the impact of climate risk on commercial real estate prices, markets, and portfolio allocations

2022 Simon Buechler (lead)

Carbon Value in Commercial Real Estate

2022 Zhengzhen Tan (lead)

Building Electrification: Accelerating Commercial Building Electrification through Science-Based Decision-Making Toolkit

2022 Juan Palacios (lead) Siqi Zheng, Alejandro Valdez, Christopher Knittel

Designing Climate Policy to Ensure Housing Affordability

2022 Justin Steil (lead)

Adapting to Natural Disasters through Better Information

2022 Seunghoon Lee (lead)

Impact of Flood Risk on Commercial Real Estate

2022 William C. Wheaton (lead) Annie Thompson

Global Sentiment

2022 Seunghoon Lee (lead)

Environmental Quality and Real Estate

2022 Siqi Zheng (lead) Matthew Kahn, Yuming Fu, Jing Cao, Hongyu Liu, Cong Sun

Behavioral Tools to Increase Green-Building Adoption

2022 Juan Palacios (lead) Sarah Jeong, Erez Yoeli

Zhengzhou Living City Lab

2022 Siqi Zheng (lead) Priyanka deSouza, Ruining Lu, Pat Kinney, Yichun Fan, Juan Palacios

Tenant Satisfaction in Sustainable Buildings

2022 Juan Palacios (lead) Nils Kok

Transboundary Wildfire Smoke and Expressed Sentiment: Evidence from Twitter

2022 Zhengzhen Tan (lead) Siqi Zheng, Jianghao Wang, Ajkel Mino, Rui Du MIT Center for Real Estate

Transboundary Wildfire Smoke and Expressed Sentiment: Evidence from Twitter

2022 Siqi Zheng (lead) Rui Du, Ajkel Mino, Jianghao Wang CRE

Air Pollution and Housing Values in Korea: A Hedonic Analysis with Long-range Transboundary Pollution as an Instrument

2022 Kyung-Min Nam (lead) Siqi Zheng, Yifu Ou, Euijune Kim

Chinese urbanization and
the role of high-speed railway

2020 Siqi Zheng (lead), Michele Bonino (lead) Gustavo Ambrosini, Francesco Carota, Lei Dong, Fábio Duarte, Valeria Federighi, Matteo Migliaccio, Carlo Ratti, Fan Zhang Politecnico di Torino

Real Trends: The Future of Real Estate in the United States

2017 Albert Saiz (lead) Arianna Salazar Miranda Capital One

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