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PI Groups & Labs

Urban Economics Lab

PI: Albert Saiz

How do economic trends and activity shape cities? How does the city form and shift housing values?

Price Dynamics Platform

PI: David Geltner

How are digital innovations and computer science informing the models and techniques we use to understand, evaluate, and estimate real estate valuation?

Sustainable Urbanization Lab

PI: Siqi Zheng

How can behavioral science be leveraged to better understand planning and policies to drive more sustainable development in the most rapidly urbanizing regions of the world?

Real Estate Transformation Lab

PI: Kairos Shen

Leveraging technological advances and emergent digital tools, we provide a platform to support social, economic, and environmental transformations in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Innovation Lab

PI: Andrea Chegut, Dennis Frenchman, David Geltner

How can we assess and measure the impact of new innovations in the fields of real estate, design, and planning to capitalize on opportunities for research and practice?

PI Groups & Labs