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In this semimonthly podcast, MIT Center for Real Estate students interview industry leaders to uncover the insights, strategies, and stories from the visionaries who are shaping the industry. Join us as we explore the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, from innovative technology and finance models to the latest sustainable practices. Tune in to gain valuable perspectives and be inspired by the visionaries who are leading the way into the future of real estate development. Subscribe to receive reminders on future episodes.

Season 1

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Mahbod nia meet the visionaries

EP. 7 | Leadership for Sustainable Real Estate

In this episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing Mahbod Nia, CEO of Veris Residential. We explore the sustainability values Veris Residential holds under Mahbod’s leadership, and learn more about how the company has undergone a strategic transformation. Hosted by Daniela Morales, student at the MIT Center for Real Estate, this episode highlights Mahbod’s decades-long real estate experience across multifamily and office investment, as well as management, financing, and advisory roles.

Throughout Mahbod’s interview, he talks about his personal leadership style as a CEO, the role of his team in creating and maintaining an inclusive company culture, and ways Veris Residential measures the impact of its initiatives. Listen in as we dive into strategic ideas being implemented in the current real estate landscape, and learn more about what Mahbod sees for the future of the industry.

Interview by: Daniela Morales /MCP Candidate ’25

EP. 6 | Exploring Climate Resilience in Real Estate

In this episode, join us as Viet Nguyen of MIT’s Center for Real Estate interviews Natalie Ambrosio Preudhomme, Associate Director at Moody’s Analytics CRE, a provider of innovative commercial real estate solutions for investors, lenders, and brokers. In her role, Natalie conducts research and outreach on the implications of climate risk, resilience and ESG on real estate markets and the built environment.

From discussing the tangible impacts of climate events on real estate assets to dissecting the evolving regulatory landscape, we learn more about the challenges and opportunities shaping the industry. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how climate considerations are transforming the future of real estate.

EP. 5 | Pioneer, New Frontier

In this episode, join us alongside Peter Merrigan (MSRED ’93), CEO and Managing Partner of Taurus Investment Holdings, as he engages in a dynamic conversation with Viet Nguyen at MIT’s Center for Real Estate. Explore Peter’s remarkable trajectory in the real estate industry, from his formative time in MIT’s MSRED program to pioneering his first major deal and beyond.

Delve into the rich history of Taurus, a journey guided by Peter’s leadership since 1997, marked by the successful completion of over 250 deals, surpassing $10 billion in value across 70 million square feet globally. Discover Peter’s visionary insights into the future of real estate and sustainability, as he shares his perspectives on shaping a more sustainable and innovative industry future. Join us for an enlightening discussion on the evolution of Taurus.

Interview by: Viet Nguyen, MSRED Candidate ’24

EP. 4 | A Better Working World

In this episode, Ernst & Young (EY) industry leader Mark Grinis sits down with host Jason Ng at the MIT Center for Real Estate to discuss the ever-changing real estate, hospitality, and construction sector, and how EY fits into it.

From Mark’s early experiences in accounting to his current role managing a multi-billion dollar business at EY, listeners will gain valuable insights into his journey and leadership philosophy.

Together, they dive into topics such as the impact of digital transformation and AI on real estate, the future of work, and social and environmental initiatives, offering listeners a comprehensive view of the industry’s evolving landscape. 

Interview by: Jason Ng, MSRED/MCP Candidate ’24

EP. 3 | Building a Greener Future

In this latest podcast episode featuring Luis Claudio Garcia de Souza, CEO and Founder of Finvest we explore how investments impact green innovations in the real estate sector, and their potential for transformative climate action. Hosted by Daniela Morales, student at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, this episode highlights Luis Claudio’s lifelong experience building successful enterprises, environmental impacts of real estate development, and Brazil’s potential role in addressing climate change.

Throughout Luis Claudio’s interview, he highlights the importance of strong partnerships, the role of investment on cultural shifts in real estate, and how Latin America can be a key player in the future of climate action. As an MIT alumni and recent MIT visiting scholar Luis Claudio shares anecdotes and learnings from his time on campus and how they influenced his career. Listen in as we dive into environmental challenges and opportunities in the current real estate landscape, and learn more about what Luis Claudio envisions for the future of the industry.

Interview by: Daniela Morales /MCP Candidate ’25

EP. 2 | Decentralized Housing Model

Explore real estate innovation and community building in the latest podcast episode featuring Qian Wang, a seasoned real estate professional and visionary founder of Collab. Hosted by Jason Ng, student at the MIT Center for Real Estate, this episode unfolds Qian’s journey through his career to developing Collab: a groundbreaking decentralized student housing real estate asset management platform that reimagines community ownership and engagement.

From the transformative role of technology and data analytics in real estate to the empowering shift towards community-based practices, Qian shares valuable perspectives and experiences that redefine the future of the industry. Join us as we navigate crowdfunding dynamics, address challenges in traditional property management, and explore Collab’s sustainable initiatives, offering a thought-provoking glimpse into the intersection of innovation and community in the real estate landscape.

Interview by: Jason Ng, MSRED/MCP Candidate ’24

EP. 1 | Data, Climate and Real Estate: Overcoming Challenges with Cutting-Edge Technology

In an era marked by climate volatility and global uncertainty, the quest to future-proof capital investment has never been more vital. Join us for a thought-provoking interview with Michael Ferrari, Chief Scientific & Chief Investment Officer at Climate Alpha, a pioneering AI-powered location analytics platform. Their objective? To revolutionize how we assess and price the future of geography in a rapidly changing world. 

Michael sits down for an exclusive conversation with MIT’s Center for Real Estate to delve deep into Climate Alpha’s remarkable journey. Learn about the challenges they’ve encountered along the way and how they’re overcoming them with cutting-edge technology. Uncover their innovative approach as they navigate the path toward empowering their clients to strategically allocate capital into climate-resilient real and financial assets, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future. 

Interview by: Viet Nguyen MSRED Candidate ’24