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China’s New Cities Workshop

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Examining China’s New Cities from Four Angles: Economics, Financing, Design, and Technology


THE workshop on May 17th, sponsored by the MIT China Future City Lab’s (CFC), examined the new cities phenomenon in China in four aspects – economics, finance, design, and urban technology. Anticipating another 1.1 billion people moving into Asian cities in the next 20 years, Asian cities are the global urbanization main growth area. The aim of the workshop is to facilitate dialogues about whether China new cities have been developed into vibrant urban areas that can stimulate local growth.


Urban Economics: Measuring Vibrancy
Yicheng Zhao, Research Fellow, Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute, Fudan University
This section presents the economic geography of new cities across China built over the past decade and evaluates whether they have been developed into vibrant urban areas that stimulate local growth.


Urban Technology and City Making
Zhengzhen Tan, Executive Director, DUSP and CFC Lab
This section traces the rapid and profound changes that are taking place in the way we plan, build, and manage our cities. The innovation in urban systems is driven by two main forces: urbanization and digitalization. Technology plays an increasingly crucial role for city leaders in incorporating measurable goals for sustainability, inclusion, and equity.


Designing New Cities: Case Studies in Asia

Colleen Chiu-Shee, PhD Candidate, MIT DUSP

Yafei Liu, Director, China Fortune Land Development, Shanghai R&D Center, Urban Space
Demonstrative new cities in Asia will be assessed to showcase innovative urban design and planning strategies in city making.


Financing New Cities in Asia: A General Framework and Case Studies

Wingshan (Susan) Yip, PhD Candidate, Tsinghua University
This section examines the effectiveness and risks of the financing methods adopted in the development of new cities in Asia, from land financing, Chengtou Bond, local government bonds to Public-Private Partnership (PPP).


Economics Case Studies
Guochen Zhai, Innovation Fellow, MIT CFC Lab
A case study will highlight the factors for the rapid development of industrial new cities in western China.

China’s New Cities Workshop