Daniel Fink Thesis Work in BSA Space Exhibit - MIT Center for Real Estate

Daniel Fink Thesis Work in BSA Space Exhibit

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Daniel Fink, SMArchs ’17 and Wide Data Experiment Lead for MITs Real Estate Innovation Lab, has his thesis work on display at the Boston Society of Architects exhibition space. The exhibit is curated by CBT Architects and is ongoing from now until September 27th, 2019.

The design exhibition, Balancing Act: Urbanism & Emerging Technologies, is open now. As emerging technologies continue to evolve, and our cities morph and adapt, the relationship between technology and our urban environments grows more complex. The exhibition explores the idea of balance by posing a series of questions about how we can focus emerging technologies toward the human experience and develop best urban practices to make our cities more livable, equitable, and sustainable. Balancing Act: Urbanism & Emerging Technologies provides a thoughtful lens to examine the current conditions of our urban environments and the future of emerging technologies in the design and development of cities around the world.

Exhibit Location:

290 Congress St #200
Boston, MA 02210


About BSA Space

BSA Space, Boston’s leading cultural institution for architecture and design, is home to the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA/AIA) and the BSA Foundation. The BSA/AIA is one of the oldest chapters of the American Institute of Architects. The BSA Foundation, a charitable organization, supports activities that illuminate the ways that design improves the quality of our lives. All exhibitions are free and open to the public with support from the BSA Foundation. BSA Space is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am–6:00 pm, and on weekends and holidays from 10:00 am–5:00 pm. For more information visit, architects.org/bsaspace.

About CBT

CBT is an award-winning, Boston-based design firm working nationally and internationally on projects at all scales, from multi-family residential, workplace, building repositioning, academic, hospitality and civic projects to large-scale mixed use developments and urban district master plans. Over 250 awards recognize excellence and creativity in the firm’s design and planning work. Clients come to the firm for their recognized ability to provide strategic design services in a broad range of project types and styles; their proven real estate acumen; and their skill in blending high-quality planning and architecture with practical goals of building performance, budget, and schedule. The core values of the practice are innovation in every design commission, social responsiveness in the community, and the continued advancement of research and discovery in all that the firm undertakes.

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Daniel Fink Thesis Work in BSA Space Exhibit