MIT Center for Real Estate takes 2nd in 2016 ARGUS Software University Challenge

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From Left to Right: Professor David Geltner, Kevin Murphy, Fernanda Maria Sanchez Attolini, Jason Fisher, Stacey Spurr, Austin Paul

The ARGUS Software University Challenge gives students the opportunity to participate in a powerful and compelling competition to enhance their knowledge of ARGUS Enterprise to aspiring real estate professionals.   This unique competition includes simulating a real-life investment analysis of a commercial real estate property by modeling the provided assumptions in ARGUS Enterprise and creating a paper describing the outcome of the analysis.   

 This year’s challenge has the highest level of participation since its inception six years ago.  Representing some of the top academic institutions in the world, ARGUS Software is excited to be a part of supporting future commercial real estate professionals.

1st Place $8000: University of San Diego
• Advising Professor: Charles Tu
• Mark Ambrose
• Joe Bird
• Austin Dias
• Ian Gartrell
• Abhishek Mukherjee

2nd Place $4000: MIT Center for Real Estate
• Advising Professor: David Geltner
• Maria Fernanda Sanchez Attolini
• Jason Fisher
• Kevin Murphy
• Austin Paul
• Stacey Spurr

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3rd Place $2000: Louisiana State University
• Advising Professor: Justin Landry
• Jason Wyman
• Eddie Saa
• Jacob Kerr
• Alysha Meadors
• Robin Day

Honorable Mention $1000: Florida International University
• Advising Professor: George Wu
• Anahi Quino
• Magaly Sanz
• Altagracia Labrozzi
• Claudia Gutierrez
• Yesid Jimenez

Honorable Mention $1000: York University
• Advising Professor: Andre Kuzmicki
• Amanda Charbon
• Adam Hannah
• Mike Nairne
• Anthony Yu
• Charlie Zheng

MIT Center for Real Estate takes 2nd in 2016 ARGUS Software University Challenge