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MIT/CRE Working Paper Series Now on SSRN

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The MIT Center for Real Estate is pleased to announce our new working paper series on SSRN. The series will be distributed over several issues each year, and will include the very latest academic articles produced by MIT/CRE researchers.

The MIT/CRE has a long tradition of scholarship in real estate economics and finance. We established the first Master of Science degree program in Real Estate Development in the United States, launched in 1984. In keeping with MIT’s ethos of harnessing technology to make the world better, our scholarly tradition is interdisciplinary, spanning and synergizing economics and finance, urban design and development, and technology and sustainability.

The first ten of our working papers have already been posted, and are available for the community to view. If you would like to receive updates from SSRN when new papers are released, you can subscribe to the eJournal at no cost by clicking “Subscribe” below. We look forward to hearing from you about the exciting research we’ll be posting.

MIT/CRE Working Paper Series Now on SSRN