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MSRED Alum Avi Spielman ’16 Demystifies Blockchain

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January 12, 2018


Avi Spielman MSRED ’16 is a pioneer in real-estate-blockchain applications and oversees real estate development and property management interests in Middle Tennessee.

If this is the first time you’ve heard the term “blockchain,” don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything … yet. Skepticism and confusion continue to surround blockchain technology, especially its relation to real estate. In order to demystify the relationship, I’ve composed a three-part series that will provide a basic understanding of this potentially game-changing technology from the perspective of a real estate professional.

When explaining blockchain technology and its implications, it’s no longer enough to merely define what is a blockchain. To provide valuable context, it is also important to include the history of its evolution within the real estate conversation.

So, what is blockchain?

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MSRED Alum Avi Spielman ’16 Demystifies Blockchain