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New Online Course: Sustainable Real Estate Analysis and Investment

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The Center is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest online course with GetSmarter, “Sustainable Real Estate: Analysis and Investment“, designed to empower individuals to gain an in-depth understanding of green building practices, technology’s role in sustainable real estate, and the growing significance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. As we continue to evolve in the digital era, we understand the importance of staying ahead in your professional and personal development.

The design of this online short course is guided by our faculty Siqi Zheng, Juan Palacios and Zhengzhen Tan along with industry experts, who will share their experience and in-depth knowledge with you throughout the program. The course modules are in-line with curriculum from our core master’s course “Sustainable Real Estate”. The goal is to help practitioners form a deeper understanding of sustainable real estate practices, while covering a wide spectrum of topics — from green buildings to ESG factors and build a critical thinking mindset that encourages informed, sustainable investment decisions. Our faculty have crafted the curriculum to provide a practical toolkit of diverse strategies to secure capital for sustainable real estate opportunities.

Starts: Feb. 21, 2024 \ Duration: 6 weeks (excluding orientation)

Understanding the emerging trends in sustainability and their practical applications is essential for those wanting to excel in sustainable real estate. The MIT School of Architecture and Planning (MIT SA+P) and the MIT Center for Real Estate (MIT CRE) Sustainable Real Estate: Analysis and Investment online short course explores how climate change and real estate intersect. This six-week course, backed by MIT’s research in climate and sustainability, introduces a broad spectrum of topics, from green buildings to the nexus of climate change and real estate. Under the guidance of distinguished MIT faculty, you’ll debunk common myths about sustainability, uncovering its financial viability and relevance in today’s market. By integrating case studies and practical exercises, the course ensures you grasp the theory and gain the necessary skills to apply sustainable strategies in real estate effectively.

Is this course for you?

Designed for those at the forefront of sustainable real estate and urban planning, this program offers critical insights for professionals in real estate development, urban design, and planning. Stay ahead of the curve by diving deep into the latest sustainable trends and practices. For those in the public sector and consulting, deepen your grasp of how sustainability shapes our built environment and keep up with its swift progression.

Investment professionals will benefit from a comprehensive breakdown of the risks and rewards inherent in sustainable real estate, ensuring a competitive advantage. Additionally, finance aficionados and investment enthusiasts will find invaluable market insights tailored for their interest in sustainable real estate.

New Online Course: Sustainable Real Estate Analysis and Investment