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Real Estate Price Dynamics Platform Launches

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December 22, 2017

Cambridge, MA


The unprecedented amount of commercial real estate information being generated today presents new opportunities for analysts to develop models that translate masses of data into predictive tools for investors. Recognizing that potential, the MIT Center for Real Estate (CRE) has launched the Real Estate Price Dynamics Research Platform (REPD Platform) to explore models and analytics that can lay the foundation for providing real-world solutions. The platform builds on CRE’s earlier work in the field of commercial property price index development. The lead researcher for the platform is postdoc Alexander van de Minne, with David Geltner, professor of real estate finance, serving as principal investigator.

The aim of the platform, whose research and analysis will be available to the public, is to advance real estate investment-related analytics in such areas as price and rent indexing (how prices change over time) and automated valuation models. These can ultimately have a real-world impact by improving investment and management decisions.


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Geltner (left) and van de Minne (right). Photo credit Tom Gearty.

Real Estate Price Dynamics Platform Launches