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Senior Housing Development in China

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Thesis Advisor: Albert Saiz, Daniel Rose Associate Professor of Urban Economics and Real Estate, Department of Urban Studies and Center for Real Estate


The number of Chinese citizens aged 60 years and above is predicted to reach to 440 million by 2050, accounting for roughly 34 percent of the country’s total population. The one-child policy has created a declining fertility rate. At the same time, the life expectancy of people keeps rising. The combination of low fertility and long life spans have moved China towards a rapidly aging society. To prepare for the aging society, the Chinese government has issued a series of policies to enhance the senior care industry. The government encourages private and foreign enterprises to invest and engage in senior care services in China. Chinese developers and operators are trying to import foreign practices into the Chinese context. Foreign experts are looking for business opportunities in this untapped market. Although China’s senior housing market is undoubtedly appealing, industry players must address several issues before stepping into this market because it is still in infancy period compared to other developed countries. The study examines the key factors that influence senior housing development in China, and those essential elements that foster the industry in U.S.

Senior Housing Development in China