Steve Weikal '08 Moderates CCIM Thrive Big Data Panel - MIT Center for Real Estate

Steve Weikal ’08 Moderates CCIM Thrive Big Data Panel

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Xceligent Demonstrates The Power Of Big Data At CCIM Thrive

Some say the commercial real estate industry is lagging behind the technology curve. Actually, no one is arguing the point—but the industry is working hard and fast to keep up in an age where data is proliferating faster than at any time in history.

Some of the technology’s brightest minds converged at the CCIM Thrive Conference in Atlanta Oct. 24-25 to talk about the Big Data portion of the commercial real estate technology equation.

Steve Weikal, head of Industry Relations at the MIT Center for Real Estate, moderated a panel called “The Power of Big Data.” Industry experts featured Doug Curry, CEO of Xceligent; Helen Thompson, director of Esri; Richard Sarkis, co-founder and CEO of Reonomy; Brandon Weber, founder and CEO of Hightower; and Donna M. Salvatore, CEO and founder of Megalytics.

Weikal started the discussion with a definition of Big Data from the Oxford Dictionary. Big Data is “extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.”

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Steve Weikal ’08 Moderates CCIM Thrive Big Data Panel