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There Will Always Be Something To Learn

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Adrian Gonzalez ’12

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Position: Commercial Real Estate Director at Stiva (

Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Most Important Career Accomplishment: Launched new retail development neighborhood center concept in Northern Mexico, branded Citadina ( Two projects using this retail development format are currently under development. Two additional projects in Mexico’s “Bajío” region are slated to start next year. Always looking to explore its evolution into the mixed-use format.


Greatest Lesson from MIT/CRE:  I was able to benefit greatly from the program, but more than from the content itself, I was able to receive the greatest lessons from the program’s professors and my MSRED ’12 peers. I got a deeper sense of analytical and critical thinking from Prof. David Geltner (in Finance) and Prof. Bill Wheaton (in Market/Economic matters). A no-nonsense, profound view on real, connecting leadership from Prof. Gloria Schuck, an appreciation of architecture, urban development and city/community building from Prof. Dennis Frenchman and an eye-opening and very useful exploratory journey into the legal side of real estate from Prof. Tod McGrath. I can’t choose one course or professor. Everything I learned from them, and my peers in these professors’ classes, has been extremely beneficial to my real estate career.

Most Important Current Trend in Real Estate:   In Mexico – the REITs have been gaining traction, lowering cap rates nation-wide and spurring a buying spree for new national and international shareholders.  Better developments and stricter regulations are progressing alongside each other, and growing cities are now being offered better places to live in, play in (shop in!) and work in.  Mexico is right now where Brazil was a couple of years ago. Let’s just hope developers/buyers don’t start having to pay the prices Brazil pays anytime soon.


Advice to Clients:  To international clients: come and visit Mexico and take a look at the development that is going on in the three major cities: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey – as well as growing, peripheral cities. Investment opportunities abound. Our current government and the current push that exists in the financial, political, energy, labor and other reforms are putting the country on the right path to future sustainable economic growth. Real estate development is at the forefront of that growth.

Advice to Others in the Industry Looking to Further Their Education:  MIT’s Mens et manus motto is what makes the CRE’s MSRED program and everything MIT does so successful. Applying what that motto means in the workplace has been equally beneficial. There will always be something to learn – what matters is how you learn, and MIT does a good job helping its students understand what comes from learning, and how to continue learning after graduation.

Personal Passion/Interests:  Family – A beautiful wife and two daughters now.  Golf – I have lowered my handicap now to a less mediocre number. Reading and Writing – I try and keep my blog alive ( Traveling – always up for an interesting trip!

There Will Always Be Something To Learn