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Twitter Sentiment Geographical Index Dataset | Scientific Data

Oct 09, 2023 Yuchen Chai, Devika Kakkar, Juan Palacios, Siqi Zheng Journal Paper

Quantifying The Financial Value of Building Decarbonization Technology Under Uncertainty: Integrating Energy Modeling and Investment Analysis

Mar 27, 2023 Siqi Zheng, Juan Palacios, Alejandro Valdez, Carlos Cerezo MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Indoor air quality and strategic decision making | Management Science

Jan 26, 2023 Steffen Künn, Juan Palacios, Nico Pestel Journal Paper

Indoor Air Quality and Learning: Evidence from A Large Field Study in Primary Schools

Jan 18, 2023 Juan Palacios, Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok, Nicolas Duran MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Measuring daily-life fear perception change: A computational study in the context of COVID-19 | PLOS ONE

Dec 22, 2022 Yuchen Chai, Juan Palacios, Jianghao Wang, Yichun Fan, Siqi Zheng Journal Paper

Health Implications of Housing Programs: Evidence from a Population-Wide Weatherization Program

Oct 21, 2022 Steffen Künn, Juan Palacios MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Global evidence of expressed sentiment alterations during the COVID-19 pandemic | Nature Human Behaviour

Mar 17, 2022 Jianghao Wang, Yichun Fan, Juan Palacios, Yuchen Chai, Nicolas Guetta-Jeanrenaud, Nick Obradovich, Chenghu Zhou, Siqi Zheng Journal Paper

Human health and productivity outcomes of office workers associated with indoor air quality: a systematic review

Jul 07, 2021 Juan Palacios, Kristopher Steele, Zhengzhen Tan, Siqi Zheng MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper

Market Adoption of Healthy Buildings in the Office Sector: A Global Study from the Owner’s Perspective

Feb 17, 2021 Zhengzhen Tan, Siqi Zheng, Juan Palacios, Carl Hooks MIT/CRE SSRN Working Paper | Teaching Case

The Impact of Housing Conditions on Health Outcomes | Real Estate Economics

Jan 01, 2021 Juan Palacios, Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok, Erdal Aydin Journal Paper