Special Topics 11.S969

Title: Research and Industry Perspective on Data Science and Real Estate

Instructor: Fabio Duarte + Calandra Cruickshank + Juan Palacios

Time: Mondays, 11:30-2:30 pm (H3)

Room: 1-132

Units: 6

Grade: Letter Grade

Course Description:

Large data sets and novel computational tools have been bringing new perspectives on research on real estate. In this seminar we will explore how data science methods (including machine learning, computer vision) have been adopted by the real estate industry and by researchers. We will covered topics including how climate change affects real estate, the use of computer vision methods to assess people’s perception of neighborhoods and how it affects property values, and how data science approach can combine data sets from multiple sources and make sense them, informing real estate decisions. Students will have access to data platforms (such as StateBook) throughout the semester while they put together their own presentations for the last class.

Special Topics 11.S969