Special Topics 11.S969 - MIT Center for Real Estate

Special Topics 11.S969

Title: Research and Industry Perspective on Data Science and Real Estate

Instructor: Fabio Duarte + Calandra Cruickshank + Juan Palacios

Time: Mondays, 11:30-2:30 pm (H3)

Room: 1-132

Units: 6

Grade: Letter Grade

Course Description:

The increasing amount and the integration of data from different sources — from street view imagery and social media to real estate transactions and mobility patterns —, combined with new methods to make sense of this data, has been transforming how we study and plan cities, and how we make business decisions. In this seminar we bring together the research and the industry perspectives to explore how data science is impacting real estate. The seminar will be organized around weekly lectures and group discussions, and mentoring sessions focused on students’ specific interests around data science and real estate.

Special Topics 11.S969