Special Topics Courses 11.S968 - MIT Center for Real Estate

Special Topics Courses 11.S968

11.S968 Housing Finance + Equity

Housing Finance and Equity

H3, Tuesdays 11-12:30

Faculty: Justin Steil (MIT DUSP/CRE), Ed Golding (MIT Sloan)

Room 9-354

Grade: Letter Grade

Units: 6

Persistent disparities in access to homeownership raise the question of what new policies and practices in housing finance can advance social equity goals. Truly advancing equity in housing finance requires rethinking our current, complex housing finance system and raising foundational questions about how risk is understood, managed, and priced; how the housing finance system is structured and regulated; and how challenges related to climate change and resilience can be recognized and addressed.  The class will begin with an overview of our current housing finance system and then include readings and lectures by invited speakers who are practitioners and experts in civil rights, lending, and government regulation.

Special Topics Courses 11.S968