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Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Applicants have the option to apply for our need-based Fellow and Fellowship opportunities. Follow the steps below to be considered for Financial Aid.

  1. Review the opportunities described below
  2. Prepare any written statements that are required for any of the opportunities
  3. Gather your financial information (you will be asked to input certain information in the online application, such as income and net worth)
  4. The Financial Aid application is part of the MSRED application (via SLATE, our application software). When you begin your application, you will select the option for applying for financial aid.
  5. You will enter all data into the Online Application (SLATE)

Various other Fellowship and Scholarship Aid resources are offered through the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (OGE)

CRE Fellowships

The MSRED program generally awards several Fellows annually. These awards are given at the discretion of the funder and may not be offered every year. Fellow Programs are substantial financial awards comprised of both tuition assistance and stipend. Five to ten hours per week of research is required. Information about any additional CRE fellow programs is made available to enrolled students as it is received by our program throughout the year.

How to Apply

For each of the fellow programs, applicants must submit a statement about their relevant experience/interest that would make them a good fit for the opportunity. They should also address how their own research goals/areas of interest align with those outlines for each of the fellow programs.

Applicants can apply for more than one. In the Slate graduate applications, you must select the “Fellow Application” check box, which will then prompt you to upload your application. You can submit one PDF for all of your applications.

The Prologis Fellow Program will fund a student interested in pursuing an MSRED degree at MIT, with a specific interest in Industrial Real Estate and Logistics Industries. This fellowship will fund an exceptional candidate with priority given to those with limited financial resources.

CRE Financial Aid

The MSRED program offers a limited number of tuition awards. These awards are applied directly to tuition and have no research or work obligation attached and can range from $10,000-$25,000. Information about CRE funding is made available to enrolled students as it is received by our program throughout the year.

How to Apply

To apply, select the “Financial Aid” Check Box in Slate and you will be automatically considered for the awards below*:

The SA+P Dean provides funding for an applicant demonstrating financial need.

The Blake Eagle Fellowship is provided to an MSRED student or students who have a demonstrated need for tuition assistance. The fund was established in honor of the contributions former Chairman Blake Eagle made to both the Center and the industry.

This fellowship, established for the purpose of graduate student aid, was made possible by the generous support of Theodore Spaulding Bacon Jr. He was professor emeritus of landscape architecture and regional planning at Amherst College and received his Master’s in City Planning from MIT. Mr. Bacon was an accomplished academic and businessman, maintaining his own city planning and urban development business during his teaching career at Amherst College. Offered every other year, students demonstrating financial need may apply for this fellowship.

The Mark J. Waltch fellowship is traditionally for Ph.D. students. However, in the absence of a Ph.D. student, a masters student who demonstrates financial need may be chosen.

The Donohoe Fellowship is provided to an MSRED student or students who have a demonstrated need for tuition assistance.

CRE Grad Fellowship is provided to an MSRED student or students who have a demonstrated need for tuition assistance.

Applicants who are interested in either the The Thomas J. Geraghty Fellowship or the Yellow Ribbon Program will be required to submit additional information.

The Thomas J. Geraghty Fellowship gives special consideration for students pursuing their first masters degree, who are originally from the Boston area or have been living in the area for a number of years. Selection is based on this stipulation as well as financial need.

The Center for Real Estate is proud to announce its participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program and seeks the applications of qualified veterans into its MSRED Degree program. The CRE will provide some matching funds received by an incoming student as part of the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Each year, one eligible admitted MSRED student identifying as a US Veteran will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

To Apply

Select the check box for either one of these awards in the Slate Application. You will be able to enter the specific details in Slate describing how you qualify

External Funding

The CRE maintains a list of outside funding opportunities that applicants may wish to explore to see if they are eligible. Applying to any of these grants is separate to the internal MSRED application process.

Apply for Financial Aid