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Asian Immigration Impacts on Local Housing Markets


Immigration transforms the socioeconomic landscape of US neighborhoods

How does immigration from Asia to America transform the socioeconomic landscape of the neighborhoods and cities these immigrants call home? Often impacts from immigrants examines the capital inflow they bring from their home countries or shifts in native resident’s neighborhood preferences to explain impacts to the housing market. A working paper, “The Impacts of Asian Immigrants on School Performance and Local Housing Markets in the US,” investigates whether housing price appreciation effects associated with Asian immigrants might be linked to access and quality of local amenities. 

The paper’s authors include Amanda Ang, Eunjee Kwon, and Siqi Zheng. Kwon, an assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati, presented the paper. Her research centers on urban and real estate economics with a particular focus on the causes and consequences of migration and their interaction with the local housing and labor markets. 

The paper was presented at the inaugural MIT Asia Real Estate Initiative Symposium (AREIS) which was hosted at MIT in the summer of 2023. The annual symposium is a pillar of the MIT Center for Real Estate (MIT/CRE)’s Asia Real Estate Initiative. This initiative provides a platform for academic and professional collaboration to center sustainability in Asian real estate development, management and investment.

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Asian Immigration Impacts on Local Housing Markets