MIT/CRE once again welcomes Real Estate Exchange (REEX) Program - MIT Center for Real Estate

MIT/CRE once again welcomes Real Estate Exchange (REEX) Program

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Final Shark Tank Presentation from MIT | July 24, 2020 | REEX / LEAD Summer Program

For the second consecutive year, CRE served as one of three host institutions for the REEX Program, a commercial real estate summer learning program for high school students, sponsored by Real Estate Executive Council.  Other schools participating in REEX were Cornell and University of Miami.  Although virtual, CRE delivered a commercial real estate curriculum to 49 African American and Latinx teenagers from across the US and Puerto Rico. 

For the entire REEX program, 149 high school students participated.  For two-weeks in early July, student participants learned fundamentals of commercial real estate, participated in several professional panel discussions moderated by CRE faculty, plus worked with CRE alums and other practitioners as coaches on creating their own version of a high-quality mixed-use development project. 

“It’s an opportunity for high school students to expand their vision while being surrounded by their peers across the country in a college-like environment”, stated Ken McIntyre, CEO, the Real Estate Executive Council [REEC]. “We plan to continue that momentum by building ongoing connections with our sponsors and professional members.”

The learning program concluded with a Shark Tank competition featuring five teams from each host school. MIT’s team placed second in the national Shark Tank competition! The demonstration of knowledge and adult-like development project presentations by all participants was truly exceptional to witness. 

Deborah Harmon, CEO, Pension Real Estate Association (PREA) – and one of the national sponsors stated, “You presented better than most college students as well as many of the professionals who come into my office. I hope you all want to stay in real estate.”

MIT/CRE once again welcomes Real Estate Exchange (REEX) Program