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Environmental Quality and Real Estate

Principal Investigators: Siqi Zheng (lead)
Researchers: Matthew Kahn, Yuming Fu, Jing Cao, Hongyu Liu, Cong Sun
Year: 2014
Sponsor: Center for Real Estate
Topics: Climate and Sustainable Real Estate, International Real Estate
  • Theme 3: Urban and Real Estate Sustainability in Asia
    • Sub-Theme 1: Clean Air and Consumer Cities

When income and education attainment level increase in cities, the citizens’ demands for risk reduction, health and quality of life, also increase. Using revealed preference in the housing market and self-protective behaviors, we illustrate the demand for quality of life is increasing among Chinese urban citizens. The linked report investigates the following:

  • Increasing demand for greenness
  • Responses from the government
  • Air pollution and real estate

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Environmental Quality and Real Estate