Special Topics: 11.S965 - MIT Center for Real Estate

Special Topics: 11.S965

Title: Corporate Real Estate

Instructors: Sara Abrams

Start: H2, Monday/Wednesday 9:00-11:00 am

Room: 9-354

Units: 3

Note: Class start Oct 21 and end Nov 13.  

This class will focus on real estate from the perspective of the corporate real estate professional.  Corporate real estate professionals often have large real estate portfolios that support the core business of the companies for which they work.  The strategy around where the real estate should be located, what type of real estate is necessary, how the real estate can be leveraged to serve the objectives of the core business and the intersection of the real estate portfolio with a company’s ESG strategy will all be discussed in class.  The differences between how decisions are made about real estate from the corporate real estate perspective and from the investment/development perspective will be highlighted.  At the end of the class students should have an understanding and appreciation for the factors that influence how large occupiers of space – and presumably occupiers of space the students may develop or invest in –  make real estate decisions, some of which are not likely to be obvious to students who have studied the supply side of real estate exclusively. 

Special Topics: 11.S965